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Clear Lighting Co., Ltd.

Specialized manufacturer of LED neon flex lights

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    CLEAR Industrial, Tiantou Village, Shatian Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou, China
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Company Profile
Clear Lighting is a dedicated manufacturer of LED neon flex lights. The company was created in 2010 on a simple principle which Clear Lighting carries until today: Find a niche, fill it. This commitment drives the company to continuously develop and improve the products in their niche. Clear Lighting prides themselves on being innovative, passionate, and dedicated to fulfilling today's needs for high quality neon LED strip lights that create the visually stunning look and mesmerizing effects. Today Clear Lighting has grown far beyond their humble beginnings and risen to be one of the foremost manufacturers of LED neon ribbons in the global market.

The LED neon lights by Clear Lighting are built with a linear array of solid state LEDs that are strictly consistent in wavelength specification and maintain high stability and low lumen depreciation over its long life. The weatherproof PVC encapsulation not only provides superior breakage and moisture resistance with long lasting durability even in extreme conditions, but is specially formulated to enhance the LED color and light transmission efficiency. The company's LED crystal ribbon lights are designed to provide a crisp brightness to enhance far field viewing such as such as from bridges and high-rise skyscraper structures, whereas their flex LED neon ribbons are intended for near field viewing to deliver striking lighting effects. Clear Lighting's RGB LED neon lights provide complete RGB color changing with vivid color mixes.

Clear Lighting makes it easy for architects and designers to find the perfect indoor or outdoor lighting solutions for decorating any special occasion or sprucing up the house and business. With proprietary optical technology, patented structural design and innovative engineering, Clear Lighting's beautiful lines of products have filled the void in the LED industry and find extensive applications in long linear lighting, complex signage and structure lighting, and lighting up convex, concave and other curved surfaces and objects.

Clear Lighting operates its manufacturing facility in Huizhou, China and its International Business Division is located in 0905#, CADRE Group Center, 168 Tongsha Road, Xili, Shenzhen, China.
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